From dominance in breakaways to the best overall result ever: the Giro d’Italia of Team Polti Kometa

The first Giro d’Italia raced under its current name (the fourth in total since transitioning to the Professional category) brought Team Polti Kometa its best overall result ever: the 13th place of Davide Piganzoli (4th in the Youth classification) a mix of great climbing talent and skillful management of his strength despite being only 21 years old. Always just behind the top riders in the standings, the youngster from Valtellina didn’t hesitate to counterattack with the valuable support of Davide Bais, Matteo Fabbro, and all the other teammates in the challenging stage that closed the second week, featuring the ascent of Mortirolo and the finish at over two thousand meters altitude in Livigno.

This was just one of the actions that left the Polti Kometa jerseys in the eyes and hearts of the fans. Also making a strong impression was indeed Mirco Maestri: a true captain, Paperino managed to drag his teammates both within and outside the peloton, covering 523 kilometers in breakaways, a quarter of which in the memorable mid-Giro day of the Marche walls, culminating with a 9th place finish in Fano.

In addition to establishing a friendship with the two-time French world champion, with the jersey delivery in a pizza box that enchanted the international audience, Maestri that day achieved one of the 6 top-tens of his squad in this 107th edition of the Corsa Rosa. Sprinter Giovanni Lonardi achieved four top-ten finishes: 10th in Andora (Stage 4), 3rd in Francavilla al Mare (Stage 11), 9th in Cento (Stage 13) and 8th yesterday in the monumental parade in Rome. The best Giro of his career.

It was the first Giro of his career, just like Piganzoli, for Andrea Pietrobon: 3rd in Stage 5 in Lucca (this and the following one of Lonardi in Francavilla are the two podiums achieved by the Ivan Basso and Contador brothers’ team) the cyclist-pianist from the province of Belluno won the special classifications of breakaways (605 km, almost half of which alongside Maestri) and of the intermediate sprints, thus being awarded at the final ceremony in front of the Colosseum.

As often emphasized by the team’s management, the breakaway is much more than just a visibility tool; it is a true specialty that can bear fruit. In 21 racedays, there were 14 breakaways involving Polti Kometa riders. Among the not yet mentioned ones, Mattia Bais in Stage 19 went on the attack and had the satisfaction of finishing 12th in Sappada.

Last but not least, Polti Kometa was the team that won the most combativity prizes: a total of 5, starting from the 4th stage with the only non-Italian rider in the team, and also the only neo-professional, Spaniard Fran Muñoz who during the first week shared (in two episodes) his emotions for the Italian dream he was experiencing.

And let’s not forget that this was the Giro d’Italia of the AURUM bikes with 4 new colors, which you could also vote for on the website: Grey shone in the powerful rides of Maestri and Fabbro, Red in the fresh rides of Muñoz and in the more experienced ones of Davide Bais, Black in the generous rides of Mattia Bais and in the sprints of Lonardi, Green in the adventurous rides of Pietrobon and in the climbs full of hope of Piganzoli.

Here’s the conclusion from Stefano Zanatta, who directed the lads from the car together with Jesus Hernandez: “We interpreted well and honored the most important appointment of the season, setting out both with the desire to show ourselves and fight for victory, and to protect Piganzoli’s excellent overall placement. It’s a pity for some health issues that occurred to Fabbro, but we brought all eight riders to the grand finale in the capital city, and above all we bring home a beautiful performance. We fully justified the wild card thanks also to athletes who have proved or confirmed themselves to be very valid: in addition to the two guys I just mentioned, I would mention Lonardi, a good sprinter, Mirco, a total team man, Muñoz and Pietrobon who, together with Piga, grew up in our structure and testify to the quality of the project, the Bais brothers who are a guarantee. But thanks and congratulations go to the entire team, including coaches, soigneurs, mechanics, nutritionists, and an entire staff that served as an extraordinary glue for a Giro experienced with enthusiasm and performance. We have increased both results and visibility, we are proud and even more motivated for the future.”


Stage 1 Venaria-Turin: breakaway Pietrobon
Stage 2 San Francesco-Oropa: breakaway Davide Bais
Stage 4 Acqui-Andora: breakaway Muñoz with combativity prize + Lonardi 10th
Stage 5 Genoa-Lucca: breakaway Mattia Bais with combativity prize + breakaway Pietrobon with 3rd place + best team of the day
Stage 9 Avezzano-Naples: breakaway Maestri-Pietrobon (solo tandem) with Maestri combativity prize
Stage 10 Pompeii-Bocca della Selva: breakaway Mattia Bais
Stage 11 Foiano-Francavilla: 3rd Lonardi (second team podium)
Stage 12 Martinsicuro-Fano: breakaway Maestri with 9th place
Stage 13 Riccione-Cento: breakaway Pietrobon with combativity prize + Lonardi 9th
Stage 15 Garda-Livigno: breakaway Davide Bais + attack Piganzoli with Fabbro (Piga will finish 16th in his “home stage” and will gain the 13th place in the GC which he will defend in the last week)
Stage 16 Lasa-Monte Pana: breakaway Maestri
Stage 18 Fiera di Primiero-Padua: breakaway Maestri-Pietrobon (Mirco combativity prize)
Stage 19 Mortegliano-Sappada: breakaway Mattia Bais with 12th place
Stage 20 Alpago-Bassano del Grappa: breakaway Pietrobon in his “home stage”
Stage 21 Rome: Lonardi 8th
General Classification: Davide Piganzoli 13th (5 times in the top-20 of the day) + 4th in the Youth classification
Breakaway classification and intermediate sprints classification: Andrea Pietrobon