Lorenzo Fortunato renews: with EOLO-KOMETA for the next two years

Lorenzo Fortunato and EOLO-KOMETA: the story continues! We are proud to announce that the winner of the Zoncolan stage of the last Giro d’Italia will wear the jersey of our team for the next two years.

Lorenzo Fortunato: “I’m very happy: this renewal was what I wanted, what I dreamed, what I was looking for. For me there were never any doubts, because here I found the perfect environment to grow and mature: and it is here that I want to continue racing. I thank all the people who have put their trust in me, I thank those who wanted me here a year ago and those who put me in the best conditions to achieve such important results, from the sports directors to the mechanics and masseurs and all the staff. I thank all my teammates, one by one, and I thank those who strongly wanted this confirmation. Now a second part of the season is waiting for me in which I want to confirm and on which I am already focused, but I want to share my joy for this renewal: I am convinced that EOLO-KOMETA will continue to grow, and I want to grow together with EOLO-KOMETA”.

Ivan Basso, Sport Manager EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team: “This renewal is a very important goal, which makes me proud: Lorenzo came to us a year ago after a complex and particular negotiation, strongly wanted by me who had read all his great potential. Fortunato has surprised me positively, day after day, with his human and sporting qualities that have led him to fit perfectly into our project and to achieve wonderful results. Lorenzo is not only the victory on Zoncolan, but much more: Lorenzo is everything he did to get to the Giro d’Italia in those conditions, Lorenzo is what he did and is doing after the Giro d’Italia, Lorenzo is the future projection of our team. This is the first of a series of important announcements, and Fortunato’s confirmation is a demonstration of the strength of our project: finding riders to focus on, working with them to launch them, and then keeping them in the team. All this is possible thanks to the support of our sponsors, and thanks to the constant and daily work of all the staff and our athletes”.

Fran Contador, General Manager EOLO-KOMETA CyclingTeam: “In our growth project, the renewal of Lorenzo Fortunato is a key point for us. Under no circumstances do we want riders who have grown with us to leave us at the end of the season for other teams. This is an idea of work that we want to carry on with all the riders who come through our structure: we want them to stay here and grow together year after year. Personally, this is news that makes me very happy because Fortu is the prototype of the ideal rider: he’s a very grateful guy, he’s a very polite person and, moreover, on a sporting level, he’s a rider who was able to win on such a sacred monster as Mount Zoncolan. I hope we can work together for many years to come”.

Luca Spada, Founder and CEO EOLO S.p.A. “After the strong emotion he gave me that day on the top of Mount Zoncolan, I consider Lorenzo almost like a son: Fortunato perfectly embodies those values that every rider must have and that I have repeated many times in these months. I will never cease to thank Lorenzo for what he has given us in these months spent together: his victories, of course, but also his seriousness and his. I am delighted to have met him, I am delighted to continue this journey of growth with him. His renewal is a further confirmation of the validity of our project, I am convinced that together with him we will go a long way and continue to give and give us emotions and goals”.

Giacomo Pedranzini, Managing Director Kometa: “The renewal of Lorenzo Fortunato confirms the seriousness and ambition of our project, but also the seriousness of our athletes. Lorenzo has blossomed at EOLO-KOMETA and has understood that ours is the ideal environment to grow. Now we have a final season ahead of us that will have to live up to the start. Then a new year with even bigger goals, but always faithful to our values for the good of our guys”.

Originally from Castel de Britti, the village of Alberto Tomba (Fortunato and Tomba’s father were schoolmates), Lorenzo Fortunato loves to take long walks in the mountains. He loves Lake Como and has now practically moved to Erba where he lives with his girlfriend Veronica, and despite his Emilian origins his favourite dish is Pizzoccheri Valtellinesi. The best memory that ties him to the world of cycling is his first rides on a racing bike in the company of his father and his group of amateurs. He started out playing football – he was a striker – but when he met cycling he never abandoned it. He is in his first season with EOLO-KOMETA, a season made memorable by the triumph of the Cittadella-Monte Zoncolan stage in the last Giro d’Italia and by the victory in the general classification of the Adriatica Ionica Race with success in the stage to the top of Monte Grappa.