Davide and Mattia Bais: forward together to 2025

Forward together. Two beautiful words, in life as in sport: because they carry with them the desire to continue on a road begun, to carry on a shared path, not to leave each other. Brothers Davide and Mattia Bais have chosen to renew for two more years with EOLO KOMETA: an agreement until 2025 that was not at all a given and that means so many things.

Davide is having his marvelous year, with the victory in the Campo Imperatore stage at the Giro d’Italia: a dream chased all his life and realized on a May afternoon, a goal that could have opened the doors to the World Tour for him. He, made a different choice: from the heart, from the head. “This team gave me the chance to turn pro, this team made me grow indeed: I like to think that this team and I grew up together. In this team I have found a unique environment, I feel like I am at home and every day I feel important as a man before as a rider. When I arrived here I knew it would be the beginning of a path, and I believe that this path is not over yet: I feel I can grow more and I am sure that this is the best place to do it.”

A path that, for Davide, has been full of surprises and satisfactions: “Everything that has happened to me has been useful to take a step forward, and I remember everything: the first training camp right after lockdown, the first time I wore this jersey, the first race. And then the first races I was used to watching on television: the Tirreno-Adriatico, the Giro d’Italia. Day after day the awareness also increased, the conviction that I was not in the peloton by chance but that I was there because I deserved it: the kilometers in the breakaway, the first green jersey at the Tirreno, the compliments from the greatest champions. And then, the victory at the Giro: something I dreamed of as a child when my brother Mattia and I were playing cyclists, and that came true thanks to this team that allowed me to participate in such an important race and play my chances.” Nice that the pursuit continues with his brother Mattia: “I am so happy for him first of all, because I know how much he was hoping for it. He deserves it and I am sure that next year he will hit those results that so far this year have been lacking due to bad luck. However, he had the chance to show his value and to make himself well liked, and this renewal did not come by chance: for me, it will be great to continue to share the daily routine of the team with my brother as well.”

And here he is, Mattia: also delighted with this renewal and almost excited to talk about it as he is preparing for the appointments of the last part of the season. “All I can say is that I was really hoping to stay here, it’s a beautiful environment: we often hear that a team is like a family, but in this case it really is. I feel like family here and being away from home is never heavy because I’m together with people it’s nice to be with and it’s nice to struggle.” A year that so far has showcased all of Mattia’s courage and his desire to always be on the attack: “I have to say that I’m happy with what I’ve done so far, the win hasn’t come but I’ve been able to do a beautiful calendar and I think I’ve shown what my job is. And above all, I think I have grown and I have made progress: that’s normal when you work well, when you are serene, when you are happy. And I am convinced that in the next two years I will grow even more, together with this team and thanks to this team that welcomed me very well and made me feel at home from day one.”

And that Giro d’Italia, which saw Mattia as a protagonist and always on the attack, and which above all saw him celebrate his brother Davide’s victory: “A special year, for him and for our whole family: I know Davide has been dreaming of a victory like this since he was a child, and it’s such a big thing that maybe we haven’t realized it yet. He’s my brother, we grew up together, became professional cyclists and then also teammates: when something beautiful happens to one of us, it’s like it happens to the other. I celebrated his victory at Campo Imperatore as if it had been mine, however, let’s make it my turn next year: agreed?”

And these renewals are an important moment for everyone: for the Bais brothers, but also for the team, which thus confirms its will to grow by confirming its talents. Stefano Zanatta, the team’s sports director, is also convinced of this: “Davide has turned professional with us and day after day he has been able to grow steadily, already last year in the second part of the season he started to find results. He has the character and physique to do good things among the pros, and this year his victory at the Giro was the crowning achievement of an important path. He chose continuity, deciding to stay with us by trusting the work of the team and understanding the possibility of growing further with us. We are pleased: we are happy that we can make him grow again. His brother Mattia last year arrived just before the start of the season and gave us great satisfaction because he proved to be a great team man, a fighter, someone who always interpreted the spirit of the team and also achieved good results. At the Giro d’Italia, for example, he was often present in the main breakaways and always helped his teammates as was the case with Fortunato and Albanese. He really showed himself to be a man devoted to the team and the renewal was practically automatic: it is normal for a team to want to keep someone like that. Davide and Mattia: two brothers who are characteristically very different, but who are both capable of dedicating themselves totally to the team.”